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Here’s to the Courageous Ones, the young dreamers who take risks. The ones who are unreasonably brave. While the world views them as reckless, we see them as the light of the world.

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Overcoming the Biggest
Roadblocks to True Success
as a 20-Something.

Faith Steps encourages 20-somethings in an uplifting and loving environment to help them feel empowered & capable of reaching their dreams.

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    "No matter how little or big our faith steps seem, all of them will matter in the long run."

    Hey, I'm Myrra.

    In February 2021, I had a prayer session. As I sat with God in that space, I heard a whisper in my heart that says, "It's time to write the book."

    I immediately hesitated.

    I told God about my many fears and excuses including, "God, I'm too young to write a book!", "I can't do this all by myself!" and "Maybe other people will not like and get value from what I have to share." But God reminded me that His strength is made perfect in my weakness and that He doesn't call the qualified, He qualified those He has called.

    In the end, I obeyed.

    My One Big Faith Step

    This book is the fruit of my Yes response to God. I took my one big Faith Step hoping that it will encourage you to take yours. I wrote this book with you in mind — the courageous ones who have big dreams in their hearts and pursue the greater purpose that God placed in them. Treat this book as a letter to remind you that, despite the fears, trials, and lies of the enemy, you will overcome.

    What You Can Expect

    In this book, I've tackled the ten most common roadblocks on the journey to your true success. This includes imposter syndrome, fear of failure and criticism, perfectionism, procrastination, overthinking, and many more. I've personally gone through these roadblocks, especially during the book-writing process.

    But God came through. He has placed many people in my life who have supported and helped me turn this book into a reality. In a way, it was God's way of proving me wrong back on the first day He told me to write it. I was never all by myself. He has been with me all throughout.

    So, know that whatever Faith Steps you'll take, He will be your strength and source all along. It's time, young dreamer. Are you ready to be unreasonably brave?

    Myrra Kate is a Kingdom-driven entrepreneur, author, speaker, online course strategist, and content creator who's on a mission to help and empower young people to fulfill their fullest potential, live out their purpose and step out in faith.


    "If we want to make the most of our lives, there’s always no better time to follow our dreams and step out in faith than now. Because now is the only thing we’ve got."

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